08 December 2014


We have been moving around so much in the last few weeks, I have literally lost track. I think I left Papua New Guinea four weeks ago…..[this is me checking my calendar]….still looking….Google says….November 18. Wait, no, Google is wrong. Checking TripIt. Ok, according to TripIt, I flew the following trips:
  • Nov. 5: Port Moresby, PNG to Singapore
  • Nov. 9: Beijing
  • Nov. 13: Singapore
  • Nov. 28: Dubai
  • Dec. 5: Singapore

So I haven’t been home in more than a month. I thought that was the case.

Traveling the world was definitely a dream of mine several years ago when I lacked a passport, and every day not in PNG is a good day, but there are times when I just want to go home, unpack my suitcase and sleep in my own bed. 

In the coming week, I will definitely provide updates and photos of our travels. Just to give you taste, here is a bit of what we have been up to:
  • We got to travel to Beijing during APEC. Since many of the world’s leaders were coming into town and the environment is a huge discussion point these days, the Chinese government shut down factories three weeks prior and limited the number of vehicles allowed on the road leading up to the convention. Because of these regulations, Paul and I were able to walk outside without using the masks we brought in our suitcases. We were able to breathe the natural air and take some fabulous photos.
  • Singapore has brought more work than fun these days. Well, of course we work in some fun. When we left Singapore in early 2013, we thought Paul’s current employer would be basing us in Singapore, allowing Paul to commute to PNG whenever necessary. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Nearly two years later, we are tired of paying storage fees for items that we no longer need or want. The last two trips to Singapore have consisted of arranging to move our items, sort through them, sell them and work on getting whatever is left shipped somewhere else.
  • Dubai was a great experience. Paul and I each had 24 hours in the city two years ago while attempting to fly home for the holidays. Last week Paul spent five days in aircraft training, giving me an entire week to explore the culture, the food scene and some fabulous treasures.
  • Holidays, holidays! We celebrated two Thanksgivings in Singapore, witnessed the United Arab Emirates National Day in Dubai and my mom’s birthday was Saturday, so we have had a lot to celebrate.
  • Annual goals were required in the corporate world and it got to the point where I kind of hated them. Last year, however, I decided to set some goals of my own. I am glad I started in December so that my life goals would not be roped in with New Year’s resolutions. I am excited about what I have learned over the last year and I am ready to share some goals for 2015. Get ready!

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