14 August 2014


I had a great experience working as a nanny, but as the end of my term neared, I found myself craving some alone time. I loved having so much time with great friends, hanging out, shopping in amazing stores like Whole Foods and the Gap, but most of my days were quite busy, and nearly every day had an agenda. After seven solid weeks of bouncing from one responsibility to another, I desired a bit of time to do nothing.

While a cozy cabin in the woods or an airy beach house would have been ideal, tranquil and idyllic as I would imagine myself sitting on a porch/deck/balcony with a mug of coffee in hand as the breeze blew through my tresses and the trees, I have limited resources. I am not currently earning my keep as far as our bank accounts are concerned, and we sold our car more than three years ago, so I was looking for a deal in an easy-to-get-to and absolutely walkable location. My only other requirement: an amazing coffee shop needed to be nearby. This mission proved to be difficult, so I would gladly appreciate suggestions for future retreats.

“Who has a house in the middle of nowhere?” I asked my friends and family, disappointed when they confirmed my thoughts of “no one.”

My sister offered her apartment which was free, in a quiet location and absolutely walkable, though it was in the middle of a large city. Within a one-mile radius was a Whole Foods, two famous ice cream shops, many restaurants and a top-notch local coffee shop. Though not my ideal, serene, natural location, I was sold. I accepted the offer and booked myself for a week in a basement apartment.

I told only family members and one long-lost friend that I would be in town so that I could focus on the one piece that was missing from my life those seven amazing weeks: the quiet.

I needed quiet like my mom needs coffee. I needed quiet like Paul’s mom needs a vacation. I needed quiet like a tree needs sunlight and water – quiet allows me to breathe, to sleep, to relax, to live a day on my own schedule and on my own terms. And, above all, I wanted to write.

Last week I devoted a week to accomplishing a goal three years in the making. I planned and began writing a book about my adventures in Singapore. By the end of this year, I will have a book available for purchase, and I am unbelievably relieved and motivated and whelmed – not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, just whelmed…content. At peace. I promise the writing for the book is better than the writing in this post. And I can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!

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