21 February 2014


It's official. I am allergic to PNG. I don't have any other reasonable explanation.

I arrived in PNG on February 2 and all was fine. He picked me up at the airport before the sun rose, I got back to the apartment, showered (oh how I needed a shower!) and then made breakfast. I slept a lot the next couple days and then we made a plan to go to Cairns for the weekend.

Thursday - day 5 - I developed a rash on my leg. By Friday the rash had spread to my foot. Saturday morning I had added a rashed arm. Thursday, while still in PNG, I had seen a doctor and was prescribed medication that I have taken a few times. Initially, I thought I was reacting to the medication.

Saturday, while in Cairns, I went to a clinic and saw another doctor who gave me another prescription and told me to never take that first one again. I still had the rash. I finished the medication and I still have the rash.

Though the rash is still present on my leg, it does not itch and it does not bother me. The shape has faded but it is still present. The rash is still on my arms - that's right, arms plural. And they itch. Day and night. I am taking a daily allergy medication and applying a Benadryl ointment up to three times daily.

I have begun to question foods, shampoo products and Paul's choice in laundry detergent. I tried to think of what I have been in contact with in PNG and Australia that I was not introduced to in America. I know that I ate peaches in both PNG and Australia so I stopped eating peaches for two days. I still have the rash.

I also abstained from onions for a day because I was exposed to both in both countries. I realize that a day really won't make a difference but I am impatient and baffled and I want the rashes gone.

Paul swears the laundry detergent is the same we used before we left so that can't be it. I am using the same soap, face products and toothpastes. We suppose that the housekeeping staff could have changed the detergent used on our linens so maybe we will have to check that.

I am considering refraining from eating most foods for the next week, relying on protein shakes and a couple basics like eggs to see if I can identify the problem, but for right now I am sticking with PNG. I think I am allergic to PNG.

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