21 December 2013


Sing it with me:

                God is so good
                God is so good
                God is so good
                He’s so good to me!

I know I have been absent for a really long time. I took a much-needed vacation – I took a vacation from family drama, I took a vacation from family responsibility, I took a vacation from Facebook, I took a vacation from blogging – and right now I wholeheartedly believe that I am back where I need to be.

And I have Jesus to thank for that.

Sometimes we don’t know what we need. We have questions, we search for answers among piles and piles of information presented in multiple ways and we struggle as we strive to discover the answer that we require, whether or not we realize which answer we really need. Did that make sense?

I know that asking God for the answer seems really simplistic when one ponders the actual action, but sometimes we make it too difficult or we psych ourselves out of asking for whatever reason – this request is too portentous; this request is too minute; what does God care about this thing anyway? Sometimes we just forget.

Tonight, God answered a lot of prayers. He provided guidance and gave me wisdom when I desired to understand a scripture (Have you ever thought to ask God for wisdom when reading the Bible so that you can actually get what He’s saying? This is genius); He provided answers to a million questions floating around my head; He even gave me His own word tonight – something just for my own heart.

Tonight I am thankful for blessings. I am thankful for a great family (even the ones to which I am not technically related), I am thankful for great conversation and I am thankful for the Word and the ability to discern the Word in a way that makes us all think.

Praise Jesus. 

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