01 October 2013


I’ve done it! I have found a way to not eat the wrong foods and not eat foods at the wrong time. My secret? Act like you’re leaving for nearly a month and watch as every bit of food disappears from your house. Our fridge looks scarce; our freezer is low. I have no cereal, we have no eggs; there is no chocolate in the house. Munchies are limited; heck, options are limited.

We have been looking into reformatting our eating habits but this is borderline ridiculous.

We ate out tonight because I just don’t have enough food to make a complete meal, and, let’s face it, I wouldn’t feel like cleaning up tonight anyway. I have to pack!

Tomorrow Paul and I take the first of many plane rides back to our homeland, Singapore. We are excited to spend an entire week in the first world, and man, do we have a lot of plans! We are cramming our schedules with doctors' appointments, eye appointments, dentist appointments and personal appointments at a few retail stores so that we can purchase some needed items not found in PNG.

We have dinner dates; I have coffee dates and lunch dates and an appointment with my former weekly walking group. I can’t wait to get me some dim sum.

After a week in Singapore we fly to Bangkok for what is looking like four days but Paul’s schedule keeps changing. From Bangkok we fly straight to Tel Aviv for, schedule permitting, somewhere close to a week. Then we fly back to Bangkok to catch a flight back to Singapore for an undetermined amount of time because, that’s right, we never know what Paul is supposed to do until the minute he actually departs.

Keep an eye on the blog this month. This is going to be unforgettable!

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