31 May 2013


Though there was frost on the ground Sunday morning, summer seems to be making an appearance this week. I will admit that it has been hot, the heat does not compare to Singapore hot so I haven’t yet felt that I can actually complain about the heat.

Summer around Ohio means a lot of things: weddings, vacations, the end of school, the beginning of the farming season, barbecues and summer parties. The U.S. officially welcomed summer Monday, when we celebrated Memorial Day, a national holiday honoring those who died serving our country in the armed forces. Memorial Day typically starts with a city parade featuring local celebrities, high school marching bands, politicians and, of course, service men and women representing various military branches.

In our town, the parade ends at one of two cemeteries where a city-wide memorial service is held. People pay their respects and then move on to outdoor cookouts where hamburgers and hot dogs are prevalent. Red, white and blue are common colors and American flags line streets and homes.

Today marked the last day of school for area children, which means parents must now figure out what to do with their children between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. five days a week.

Summer, for me, means great weather, lots of sunshine (a rarity in Ohio), time with my girl, Ellie, who you will read about soon, and road trips. Driving with the sun in my face and the wind in my hair, radio blasting, is my perfect summer pastime.

June will bring a trip to Massachusetts, one of my favorite states. My lifelong friend, Anna Marie, is in her final days at a school where she has taught for more than five years. She lives in the land of the moose, minutes from a grand park with a lake. We intend to consume lots of coffee, lots of beer and lots of s’mores. Yes, Nic, s’mores. From a fire in the back yard.

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