24 March 2013


Since Paul verbally accepted the job in Papua New Guinea, things have changed no less than twice a week. The latest is that Paul is happy with the terms and is ready to sign a contract when the document is updated to reflect the correct terms. We know that we will be in the U.S. for April and May and today we began actually booking plane tickets, hotel rooms, Amtrak tickets and fun things to do like a baseball game in the Nation’s Capital with my best friend. But here’s the problem – we have 12 days left in our condo and we still do not know where we will be living post training.

We have yet to call a moving company because we don’t know what to tell them. “Hi, can you come pack up my house? Where will it go? Uhh…we don’t really know yet.” If we don’t have any news in the next week, I think we are just going to put everything in storage, which is crazy expensive, by the way. Paul called one company last week that told him the rates were $790 a month. He told the guy the rate was insane and hung up the phone..

I am hoping that our answers will be provided in the next few days. We are supposed to be flying to PNG this evening so that we can see the area and meet a couple people. I e-mailed a fellow blogger who seems to be friend worthy – I won’t lie, I actually sent her an e-mail with “Be My Friend” in the subject line. Nicola is truly rubbing off on me.

I say we are “supposed to” be flying out tonight because we are less than two hours from our departure time and we do not yet have our tickets. We were told yesterday that our visit had been approved by the company and that Paul’s new boss was just awaiting ticket confirmation. We’re still waiting.

Our bags are mostly packed and we are somewhat ready to go. If we get a call in the next 45 minutes, we will jump to grab the last-minute items, change our clothes and bolt out the door. Luckily we only live about five minutes from the airport so it won’t take long to get there. I do have a feeling, though, that the last-minute line at the ticket counter will absolutely suck.

If we don’t make it on the flight tonight, our next opportunity will be Monday. More to come. 

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