06 February 2013


The end of the world has been predicted practically since the beginning of time. According to Wikipedia, the world’s best and most credible source of information, the Romans predicted the end of their world in 634 B.C. Famous people and not-so-famous-at-the-time people have predicted everything from the apocalypse to Armageddon; even a pope predicted the world would end on January 1, 1000.

Well, now it’s my turn. The end of the world is coming and it will be here April 5. The vision came to me over the weekend when Paul and I were talking about our future. As of yesterday, Paul’s employment contract will end March 31. Unless our permanent residency application is approved, our resident passes will be cancelled as early as April 1, the day we arrived two years prior. An e-mail Paul sent to our landlord’s agent advised that we have put in our notice and April 5 will be our last day in our home. And then….nothing. I have nothing.

I sat briefly in our living room this morning and had a thought. Are we really about to go through another round of sell everything so that we don’t have to ship it and then buy new stuff once we get wherever we are going?

The only thing that can describe our actions is a step of faith – one like Peter took when he stepped onto the sea to walk on water with Jesus. Just over a week ago, a woman at church told me that’s what we should do. “Take a step of faith and know that God will never let you go.”

So we did. Paul turned down his boss’s counter offer and, as of this morning, Paul’s position was up on the Internet for all on ProPilotWorld to see. Life is about to get interesting.

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