03 December 2012


Some people have it all – they have style, they have charisma, they are able to be entertaining and have a good time in any situation. Nicola and I might be these people. OK, we may not have it all but we can certainly be entertaining while we act like we do. When it comes to mastering beauty products, however, we would not likely be the people our friends would go to first.

Now, Nic loves makeup, everyone knows that. But her love of makeup goes so far that her wedding day beauty team may have held an eye pencil hostage and the phrase, “No more mascara!” may have been used a time or three. I, on the other hand, had my mother yelling, “Use more makeup – you look pale!” and, “Put on blush! You will be washed out. It doesn’t even look like you are wearing makeup!” Yeah, yeah.

Nic will paint six to eight coats of polish on a two-color nail job – that’s three to four coats per color – while I would love to get away with a single coat (though most good polishes might require two coats). Good thing we both enjoy going some place where an expert can do it properly.

I will cut my hair off on a whim or, sometimes, to win a bet. Nic thinks her nearly-down-to-her-butt hairstyle qualifies as a bob. I like to hide my Buddha belly and constantly look for non-clingy clothing. When we go shopping, I constantly utter the phrase, “Not everything has to be skin tight, Nic!” “Yeah, you’re right.” And then she puts the top back because it’s too big for her liking. I have a habit of shopping first and considering prices later; Nic converts EVERYTHING to British pounds and then compares and makes comments about how the prices compare.

Her husband is right. Other than Starbucks, we really have nothing in common.

While we may not be the ideal people to make decisions for one another, we do have an amazing ability to be there for each other and pull each other out of some seriously shady circumstances. Example:

Last week Paul was a real pilot. He left Tuesday night, came back Thursday around 9 p.m., did a load of laundry, went to bed and was gone by 8 the next morning only to return to me after 9 tonight. A two-day trip immediately followed by a three-day trip – it was just like the old days as a commercial pilot.

Having Paul gone for such a now-unreasonably long time really made an impact on me. Thursday I dipped into a seriously depressive state. I had an errand to run in town but chose not to do it since I could have done it the next day. I could have gone for a run but I convinced myself that I still had a twinge of my Thanksgiving cold so I should probably not have overdone myself. So I slumped on the couch….all morning. I didn’t shower until after 1 and that was only because I knew the Ikea repair man was coming at 2 and I didn’t want to be a stink bomb.

A typically bubbly and energetic lady, I was suddenly in a lull, and I knew it. And I couldn’t find a way out. Luckily, the Ikea man came and broke my cycle. Once he left, I decided to do the same. Since Nic is working just like her husband now, I seized the opportunity to invest in some kitten therapy Costa Rhu style.

Fairy Flower Brown and Princess Flower Brown (yes, those are their legally documented names) lifted my spirits within five minutes. The Siamese sisters’ playfulness and cuddliness truly cured my blues.

I confessed that I wasn’t having the greatest day and Nicola Brown, friend that she is, decided that we needed to have dinner. So I went to the store and picked up some goodies. The girl knows that cooking makes me happy. Good for you, Nic. We ate, we laughed, Paul came home and the end of my day was MUCH better than the beginning.

That evening I decided that I was not going to let that day repeat itself. I realized that the only days I get depressed are days when Paul is gone and I have nothing to do. I was fine with Paul working back-to-back trips six days a week when I was working 12+ hours a day. Why wouldn’t I be? I had a million things and 20 other people who demanded my attention. I found the problem: my schedule.

So, Friday began with an early morning, bust-my-butt pilates class. Literally. My butt hurt the next day but it felt sooooo good and tight after the class! I had plans to meet a friend for coffee before our work lunch. After lunch I headed to Orchard to run that errand I chose not to do the day prior. I had a good day. Saturday was the same. I did yoga, I made lunch, cleaned the kitchen and then, I went to Nic’s for one of the funniest nights of my life. 

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