01 September 2012


I went to an AWA coffee this morning and sat next to a woman new to Singapore who said that there wasn’t much to do here. “Are you kidding?” I interrupted. “I have lived here for a year and a half and I still have a ton of things I want to do.” And then I thought about all the things I still want to do.

I have been thinking about my lack of exploration recently, but yesterday, Paul’s grandmother confirmed my theory that I had pretty much given up on doing anything fun. We were speaking to her on the phone and, when she asked what we had been up to, we both replied with, “Nothing, really.” Then we got lectured. Not really, but she was surprised that we had not done anything storyworthy since we last spoke.

When we finished our conversation and started to say good-bye, she got that grandmotherly, semi-scolding tone in her voice and said, “Well, get the hell out of the house and go do something so you will have something to tell me next time.” And there it was – proof that I have pretty much given up on being adventurous in my own town.

Last fall I thought we would head to Pulau Ubin, an island included in Singapore’s territory. A downfall at the time was the rising tide. It was made clear to me that the best time to see the wildlife on the underdeveloped island is at low tide and the lowest tides are observed mid-summer. So I waited. June came and went; so did July. Now August is over and we still have not been.

Until yesterday, I seemed to have forgotten all about my desire to go to Haw Par Villa, an old family plantation-style home with thousands of sculptures on the now public grounds. I want to go walk the grounds and take photos of the truly unique pieces and then, of course, write about them.

Some time ago I took a tour with the American women. While it was not an ideal tour and I can’t say that I liked it, I did get to visit new parts of the island that are quite far from my home. I wanted to venture back to the Punggol area, an old fishing village that is striving to be the next up-and-coming neighborhood with a new park and several high-end, under-construction condos.

I even consulted Trip Advisor last month to see if I was missing anything. The good news is that I have done most of the top 100, but I definitely have more things to see.

Paul and I bought tickets to the Jurong Bird Park at the beginning of the year but we never ended up going. I have wanted to see the Chinese and Japanese Gardens and we talked about going to the planetarium, but they are all on the west side of the island. We have yet to see the completed Gardens by the Bay now that the park is officially open. I would like to learn to cook Singaporean food so that when our time to leave comes, I will still be able to enjoy my favorite dishes…or maybe I will just find a really good Chinese place with a hidden menu. Speaking of Chinese stuff, I want to take the Red Lantern tour of Chinatown.

I did sign up today for two very exciting adventures. One is a tour about Singapore’s original trades and the people who continue the master crafts today. I also signed up for a beginner’s sailing course, and I am truly excited. The AWA has partnered with a local sailing association that will teach Paul and me how to sail.

September is officially the month dedicated to doing. I am going to do more, see more and have more fun. After all, I only have a few more weeks to celebrate my 20s.

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