31 August 2012


Even though I am having a blast on my extended work hiatus, I do still sometimes, occasionally, more often in the last week, think about that whole career thing every now and then. Apparently, I have once again been bitten by the employment bug.

I have to admit, every now and again I do miss dressing up and wearing high heels. And then I remember that no matter how nice I look in my house, I will look a thousand times worse once I actually get to work and, as if I could forget, I am not actually able to wear shoes in Singapore. Sundresses and flip flops are definitely the better alternative.

But, ever since I edited a friend’s massive dissertation, I have been considering a jump back into the working world and a career in publishing. I like reading books and I like editing, so why not receive a paycheck in the process? I mean, if I am going to write a book, I should probably understand the industry, right? So I started researching positions and companies with offices in Singapore. The more I looked into editing positions, the more I realized there is a lot more to those jobs than just reading and reviewing books.

I have to admit, I am intrigued by the views on actual books vs. ebooks and which ebook products are outselling the others, how the libraries perform and how the number of publications is determined. I have even joined a book club in the last six months and really do enjoy the great reads and the discussions, even if a book is not on my top 10 list.

Tuesday night I had a book club meeting and was told afterward that my comments were spot on, truly insightful and welcomed, so yesterday I wondered if I could be paid to be a book reviewer. No luck on that front yet but I might keep trying.

Yesterday, the inherited ADD kicked in (have I mentioned that is in my blood?). While searching for publishing and reviewing opportunities, I got distracted by the giant salaries listed on corporate communications postings, so I submitted a couple applications. But, have no fear, I am back to researching publishing.

I did inquire about one position on the marketing end. I think I could handle managing a book tour for someone with my event and media background. Whatever I do, I need to keep it interesting.

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