24 April 2012


I feel like having a job has seriously limited my ability to do blog-worthy things. I have heard complaints that I take too long to post blogs now because I have no time to write them – and, again, I have not done anything exciting during the week. 

Well friends, that is all about to change. Friday will be my last day on the payroll. I have stipulated that I will continue to volunteer my time on an in-process project until I get my business ordeal situated. I have also stipulated that I will be taking advantage of my time off to spend some time with my flighty husband.

The man just got back from three weeks in the States and he has six trips on the calendar over the next month. Luckily one of them is in Bali so I get to enjoy the benefits of a long weekend in one of my favorite places on Earth.

May is going to be an exciting month. In addition to Bali, I have plans to participate in three food exploration adventures in a series called Welcome to Singapore, What AM I Eating?! My first concert will be at the Hard Rock on the island of Sentosa where one of the epic 90s bands, Vertical Horizon, will be featured. Hello, girls’ night.

There are three national holidays approaching and I don’t mean Memorial Day because that doesn’t mean a whole lot to Singaporeans. We have our version of Labour day with an “our;” Vesak Day, Buddha’s birthday, which also falls on Cinco de Mayo and, of course, an entire day devoted to the Moms in the world.

Looking at the calendar makes me a bit sad because May was New England vacation month for Paul and me. We liked being in the gorgeous setting around Memorial Day, whether the week of or the week before. Our honeymoon that we took 11 months late was in Nantucket the week before Memorial Day. We got to enjoy the towns, the scenery, the beaches and the restaurants before the crowds arrived with the Figawi. As the ferries poured in Memorial Day weekend, we shipped out and headed to Boston. Sigh, Boston.

So May. May is going to be an exciting month. I have a lot going on in personal and business life and I am very much looking forward to what will come. 

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