20 April 2012


Thursday was supposed to be my last week at work. After my doctor-mandated vacation, I returned to experience a whole head load of symptoms that absolutely confirmed my allergy. That’s right, I am officially allergic to my job.

After a few days, I realized that I did not want to continue working while feeling like I had been punched in the face so I submitted a resignation letter. Not wanting to lose me completely, the leadership team decided to keep me in the office and have me work on a project with a tight deadline.

The work has been good. I feel like I’m back in the corporate world, applying the PEMC model, doing research, conducting impromptu focus groups, contacting offices across the globe to share best practices, and developing a full-fledged proposal. And I may have just signed myself up to create a database, train the staff and set up a reporting schedule. I’m sorry, what?

Since I am right in the middle of the project that will be presented to a government agency at the end of next week, I agreed to stay on through the end of the month.

The executive director and I are working on a new role that will have me managing some of the non-profit’s business functions. However, before I may begin working in this new capacity, we will need to develop a plan, agree to the terms and then we have to ask the government’s permission all over again. Yes, the government has to approve not only my ability to work but also my job title, my responsibilities, my salary and my credentials.

When I began contemplating the thought of me working in this new role, an idea popped into my head. What if I started a business that would allow me to work for the non-profit but also give myself some control over my schedule, my workload and provide long-term stability? So I got to researching.

In Singapore, it seems that starting a sole-proprietorship – a company owned and operated by one person – is quite easy. Paul and I today met with a friend who has been running her sole proprietorship for more than a year in order to find out how she came up with the idea, how she got established and how everything has worked out to date.

The information she provided was invaluable. After our discussion we believe that pursuing this option would be beneficial so, over the next few weeks, Paul and I will start the process and see what happens.

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