25 February 2012


Well I have officially accomplished two full weeks of work and absolutely no blogging in the process, meaning I am well behind. I deeply apologize.

Work is going really well. I have been volunteering with the organization for six months but I have had the opportunity to learn much more the past two weeks. I like having one-on-one time with the instructors and finding out the whys that go along with the whats.

My day starts very early – I wake up at 5, check my e-mail, do some stretching exercises, shower and eat some breakfast before heading to the bus stop around 6:15. Forty-five minutes and two buses later, I arrive at work, prepare my desk for the day and put on my riding gear. 

By 7:45 I should be in the arena exercising a horse. We exercise our horses in one of two ways – riding and lunging. Horses that cannot be ridden for some reason or horses that are not in a session on a particular day will be lunged, exercised in a circle, secured by a long rope that the instructor holds. The instructor holds a whip in the other hand, behind the horse in order to ensure the horse keeps pace.

I am just beginning to learn the lunging process and should be performing the task within the next two weeks.

Thursday I had the opportunity to ride one of the horses, my first time riding one of our horses and the third time I had ever ridden in an English saddle, something that can take a little getting used to.

After two morning sessions with children from Singapore’s special schools and two afternoon sessions, I head home between 6 and 6:30.

When I leave the arena on my last shift, I feel a little sad knowing that I will not be back for a few days. I know that once my schedule becomes a bit more hectic, I will really appreciate my three-day weekend but right now I really like being at work.

I am enjoying my days off and am doing everything I did before I had a job – I attend the Friday American Women’s Association coffee events when I can, I meet friends for lunch, I run errands, explore the city and enjoy some me time.

I appreciate the time I have with my husband and take full advantage of nap time when possible and then I fall into bed somewhere between 8:30 and 9 so I can again begin my week and hang out with some great kids.

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