17 February 2012


I just finished my first week at work and, as I walked away from the arena, I felt a perfect peace. I had a great week learning so much about many more riders, how horse therapy helps with specific disabilities and I learned more about each of the horses as well as how to control them.

Though I was pinched by a rider and nipped in the bum by a horse, I had a great first week with no major issues.

Things are not only great at work – they are also great at home. I was so worried about leaving Paul at home alone without prepared foods but he has made such a change in the last week that I honestly don’t know how to handle it.

To be honest, I don’t even remember Monday so I have no idea what happened when I left work. Tuesday, as I approached the front door from our entryway, I could small something unfamiliar. I was curious.

I walked in and, sure enough, Paul was in the kitchen making dinner. I was stunned – in a good way. To make things better, I discovered that he was making shells and cheese with ground beef, one of my favorite guilty pleasures. SO YUMMY!!

He had done one of the largest piles of laundry in history and had washed the dishes – something he absolutely hates to do.

Last night I came home and he had made potatoes and carrots and was ready for me to just pop some pork pieces into a sauté pan. He refused to let me clean up, stating he would do the dishes. Tonight, knowing I am off tomorrow, I figured I could do a quick and easy pasta dinner. To my surprise, yet again, I had a message on my phone asking if I would be interested in fish with a butter, white wine and orange sauce. Um, yes please!

Paul has been persistent about helping out now that I am working. He actually wants to do more of the cooking and the cleaning during the week. I leave the house at 6:15 a.m. and return around 7:30 p.m.; last night I went to bed at 8:30, so he may have justification.

This peace at home is such a switch from 18 months ago. Paul was gone five or six days a week, I worked and then came home and made myself some dinner, relaxed on the couch for a short bit and then went to bed. If I worked a lot while Paul was home, getting home much later than I promised, Paul would be frustrated. Now, he encourages me and appreciates my work. I, in turn, appreciate the time we spent together the last year and sincerely appreciate his new like of cooking. 

He did, of course, advise me that on the days I am not working, I am on my own so I guess I will just have to deal.

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Katie said...

YAY! I'm glad everything is working out so well.