19 January 2012


Since I returned to Singapore, I have been back on the workout schedule. I had some surgery in November that prevented me from any kind of workout and my time schedule in the States prevented me from working out more than two days. Now I am back on track, finding new, fun ways to exercise.

Last week I met some friends at Mount Faber Park at the southern part of Singapore’s main island. We hiked up what seemed like an endless hill of stairs – every time I thought we were done climbing, another set of stairs appeared around a corner – hiked up hills and walked most of the park’s paved trails for three hours. It was a fantastic walk on a beautiful day and I was so grateful to have some new scenery.

Sunday I took a walk with no real idea of where I was going. Once I turned the corner and approached my first overpass, I decided to head to the beach. I enjoyed a great walk and run around a portion of my neighborhood East Coast Park. Again, the weather was perfect, the sun was shining, people filled the park and kayaks were plentiful in the water. When I arrived home, I told Paul that we truly live in a beautiful place and I am so happy to be here.

Today, Paul and I turned exercising into Date Day. Where better to exercise than hiking around the Singapore Zoo? We were blessed with great weather, the park was not too crowded and we had a great day together.

You know that I would not go to the zoo without taking tons of pictures, so please enjoy a portion of the approximately 100 photos that came home with me today.

First, let me explain that even the Zoo's walking paths resemble the jungle. This is not your typical zoo.
There are no cages or walls so zoo visitors can view the animals in the open. Some of the animals (not the tigers shown here) are able to move about the zoo as they please. Others, like monkeys, are able to roam within restricted areas.
Sorry, Mom, no Bengal tigers but I think you will like these white ones.  
Pygmy hippos, a fraction of the size of standard hippos.
I was in awe of the kangaroos that were within 10 feet of Paul and me. It took me a few minutes to realized that there was an extra set of legs coming out of this one.
Hello, joey! I have never seen a little 'roo in the pouch before.
I could have reached out and touched Papa, here - and, believe me, I wanted to.
Elephants - I am a fan.
The lizard and the turtle.

The next three photos are for my mom. 

She likes the Komodo dragon, I like the giant tortoises.

I wish I could have sat on the ground next to them in order to show their true size.

At first I thought the cheetah was getting ready to pounce on Paul for hitting me a few times as we approached. We then realized that his eyes were past Paul, focused on his potential dinner across the street:

Yep, zebras. Who puts predator and prey in viewing distance?
Paul wanted to reach through the glass and reset this crocodile's jaw.

And, bring on the monkeys!

This guy was hanging out about 100 feet above our heads.

This next group of monkeys was hilarious. Only the baby was up and moving, the rest were sleeping in the craziest positions.

The thought that people came from monkeys is stupid. You know what else is stupid? Grabbing onto a wild animal even if the animal is in a zoo. This guy decided to and the animal was no amused.

Does this guy look like he wants to be touched?

This is a lemur. He came over to play with Paul.
This is Paul almost posing with the lemur and his friends.
And this is Paul stepping away from the lemurs because they decided to get into a fight. Tell me these things don't look like the devil.

I definitely enjoyed my Date Day at the zoo and I look forward to the weekend – I cannot wait to see what the days leading up to Chinese New Year will bring. 

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