03 January 2012


My suitcase - no clothes, just gifts and things I picked up along the way

Well, we came, we saw lots of people, we ate lots of things and now it is time to pack up and prepare for our trip home. There’s just one problem – we may need an extra suitcase to take everything back.

I did try to remind everyone here that we live in Singapore so any Christmas presents needed to be able to fit into our wallets but they didn’t all get the hint.

Even though I plan to leave behind nearly all of the clothes that I brought with me, we are still finding it difficult to make everything fit into our suitcases. I admit, I am party to blame. After all, I went shopping. I went shopping and I bought something in almost every store I entered.

We have two boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios to pack, boxes and bottles of medicine, books, candles, some new clothing items and everything else we – O.K. I – swore we had to get in the States because these items are nonexistent, not the right size or super expensive in Singapore.

Luckily, my genius husband found a new toy today that could solve our problem. He invested in a couple of those vacuum bags we all saw on the televised ads growing up – the ones that could fit three king-sized comforters or 25 sweaters or a giant stuffed bear. He is so proud.

Paul's suitcase with his super-new, space-saving vacuum bags

Tomorrow we will know what will fit and what will be staying in Ohio for the foreseeable future. We leave tomorrow evening for the longest cross-world adventure of my life – again. This time, however, we will have the opportunity to explore a country in the Middle East on our way to Singapore. I spy another stamp on my passport…

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