18 August 2011


What is more American than old school ‘80s styles like mohawks, mullets, fanny packs and stirrup pants? Apparently Singapore in 2011. Yes, I have seen them all…and more.

Singapore sets the luxury bar in almost every category from food to nightlife and that includes the fashion scene. Just like London and New York City, Singapore has its own Fashion Week sponsored by luxury companies. And, just like the streets of the good old U.S.A., Singapore has its own fashion crazies.

I wish I had pictures of my favorites, but I only recently learned how to covertly take photos on my phone. Luckily, I was able to catch this young girl who caught my eye:

Believe it or not, I have seen quite a few people walking around with papers on their heads to protect them from the rain or, like this girl, the sun. Many Asian women use umbrellas no matter what the weather in order to protect their skin from the sunlight.

I was also surprised to see such blonde hair since most women here do not dye their hair blonde. One will occasionally see brown or red tones in the dark Asian locks but most hair remains its natural dark.

But, of course, the reason for this snapshot…that foxtail on a chain sticking out of the back pocket. This is not the only furry accessory I have spotted on my daily adventures. One day while walking in a mall, I saw a man carrying something grey and furry close to his shoulder. What did I see? A bunny rabbit on a leash.

Most men in Singapore can be seen with an accessory made famous on Seinfeld – the European carryall more popularly known as the man purse. No, I do not mean the business bags closer to Joey Tribiani’s man bag. I mean actual purses that men are carrying with pride – straps and all.

Fanny packs have made an appearance as well. Ha.

Hair styles are all over the place here. Some Asian women have short, layered hair. Others have long, straight hair; there really isn’t a whole lot in between. The men either have no hair or the standard 15-year-old style that is popular at the time. We have heard from a few guys that it does not matter what one tells the stylist, they only know how to do one cut.

My favorite style happens to be the mohawk that I saw on a man one day while riding the bus. I could not help but look a few times once I realized that this guy was at least 50. I have seen him quite a bit around the East Coast and I get excited because every time, there is this blonde highlighted mohawk that has to be about 10 inches in length. I love it. 

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