15 August 2011


Americans often complain about Singapore’s television programs. There are a lot of American shows and, of course, British and Australian channels in addition to the Singapore and Chinese channels available to viewers, but they just aren’t the same.

In our opinion, there are two types of shows to watch – crime shows and cooking shows. We just started watching Bones (love it) and Paul is a big fan of a British show about a group of con artists called Hustle.

But, for every one crime drama out there (and the appalling commercials that accompany them), there are three cooking shows. Luckily, I am a huge fan of cooking shows. And cooking. And eating.

On a given day, I can watch Top Chef, MasterChef (US, UK and Australia – my favorite), Food Network programming, Food Network Asia programming and, hey, Emeril was on John & Kate Plus 8 this morning.

I have done a lot of cooking since we moved to Singapore and often forget how difficult it can be to find familiar ingredients. Purchasing proteins with the head and feet still attached has also been an adjustment, but I can proudly state that I butchered my first chicken this week with the help of my husband and a redneck website that provided step-by-step instruction with pictures.

Creeped out in the beginning, I decided it was time to take the bird by the head and chop. So I did. And the legs and tail and the glands. I was fine until the neck had to come off so I yelled for Paul to come to my rescue.

I have a bit of technique to learn but I believe it was a good first run.

Cooking and eating are two very big parts of my life. Since I have more time on my hands, I have been experimenting with more recipes and just making up things that tickle my fancy at the time. I love cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner and, of course, dessert. There must be something sweet to snack on at all times, which basically means I bake something once a week.

Side note for all of my former co-workers out there: I had a huge laugh today while watching the Bewitched movie. There was a scene where Will Farrell was yelling his rider. As part of the rider, Will decided that there should be cake every week on Wednesday and it shall then be known as Cake Day. Ha. Here I thought my team created the original.

My friends are also big fans of food, which only makes my life better. I have a standing lunch date on Tuesdays and typically have plans for Saturday dinners. Then there are the weekly AWA coffees that are always followed by lunch and the occasional lunch date outside of the typical food schedule.

Football season is upon us, so the buckeyes will be baking in a few weeks. Once football season starts, the fall holidays will be quick to follow. I will be honest, part of the reason I love holidays so much is the food that is centered around the day. I can’t wait to get back to the States for Thanksgiving so I can gain 100 pounds while eating turkey and potatoes, bread, veggies, salad with the secret Tim Annabell holiday dressing that only makes an appearance at family dinners. And then there’s the pie. What is more American than mom’s homemade apple pie?

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Leanna (aka Mom) said...

Ha ha! You're accomplishing so much, considering as a child you had an aversion to anything that looked "yucky"!

I certainly hope you're including a workout program to combat all the eating since you're not on a 10-12 hr. work day any more.

Yes, dear, your special Dutch apple pie (with vanilla bean ice cream) will be on the menu, but I have to have a double-crust one for me, as well as the pumpkin! I'm looking forward to your being back home again soon.