12 July 2011


To me, applying for jobs can only mean one thing – the end of retirement is near! With that in mind, I am making the most of the retirement I have left before it is all over and I am a working woman again. I have made some friends in the American Women’s Association, something I admit I should have done months ago.

I have been exploring museums and shopping venues, restaurants, sidewalk cafés, and this week, I am exploring three of the island’s parks. Tomorrow morning, Paul and I will wake early to head to MacRitchie Reservoir Park where we will walk across a suspended bridge higher than most tree tops after hiking a few kilometers (no, I do not know the mile conversion yet). I have to say, I am a bit intimidated by the thought of walking on a narrow, suspended bridge 75 meters above the ground, but I think that once I reach the other side, I will feel like I completed a marathon…or at least a 5k. And the pictures should be spectacular.

Wednesday I will be wandering through the botanical gardens and this weekend I will be watching a ballet in Fort Canning Park. I can’t wait.

Today I started writing one of two books I have planned. I am excited to begin writing with the intent to have something published, and I like taking the time to write while I still have unrestricted quiet time. As a child, I did not really enjoy role playing or imagination games after a certain age, so writing fiction is inconceivable. I write what I know and I write honestly, from my own perspective. In a way, I believe writing is therapy – a way to put onto “paper” what I have been thinking all along.

This is going to be fun.

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