14 July 2011


Well, I am 0 for 2 on the parks this week. Paul and I awoke yesterday to dark skies and thunderstorms in the forecast, so our chances of making trip to the Tree Top Walk began to fade. I could tell that Paul was not exactly thrilled about my idea to go to a park where we would be outside in the heat, moving (a.k.a. sweating), for hours. A good wife, I ignored his not-so-subtle winces and excuses in an effort to get him out of the house.

My husband works from home and repeatedly finds reasons not to go out and see the world. He likes to be inside, under an air conditioner, on a couch, watching seemingly endless episodes of Frasier and Good Eats online.

I completely understand his desire to be lazy and to be entertained in comfortable atmosphere. I, myself, enjoy having a lazy day once or twice a week. I also know that he should be pulled out into Singaporean society to discover some of what this island has to offer. The great excuse that morning to avoid a trek in the park: “We don’t have insurance. I don’t think we should go anywhere that has monkeys without insurance first.” OK. I can see that he wasn’t thrilled with my idea, the weather was not cooperating…we can skip it this week, but the Tree Top Walk is on my list.

Paul found an aquarium on the island of Sentosa, just south of Singapore’s main island and still a part of the Republic. I call Sentosa the “Island of Fun” because it is filled with resorts, a casino, theme parks, animals and beaches where people actually go to lay out and swim.

We had a great day in some rare, beautiful weather. When we awoke, it was 75 degrees and it stayed cool in the low to mid 80s until early evening. At the aquarium, we saw baby sharks developing in their eggs at different stages. We stood on a moving walkway in a tunnel where fish and sharks swam from side to side as we watched from below. I touched a stingray. Twice.

We rode a few trams to various parts of the island, had lunch at a pub that served more Asian food than English food and then headed to the beach. At Palawan Beach, we crossed a narrow suspension bridge to an islet with two towers and one spectacular view.

Today I met the American ladies for some coffee. I had hoped to have a relaxing lunch with one friend and then explore the nearby botanical gardens. Instead, I wound up wandering around town with five other ladies and shopping for furniture. By the time we finished, I was finished as well and only wanted to take a nap. I did meet a new friend, and I did find a great patio set for the balconies, so I suppose it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I suppose the botanical gardens will just have to wait until Monday.

My third and final attempt to hit a park this week will be the Ballet Under the Stars Friday night. I get my tickets tomorrow and then I will be in for good, no excuses (knock on wood).

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