22 June 2011


I often think about when I will visit the States and how my trip will flow. I have friends and family in Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio and Massachusetts and additional vacation spots in Connecticut and Maine. Trying to fit everyone and every destination in to the same trip – especially since I now must pay for my air fare – seems a bit challenging. My 10-year high school reunion is next month and, though a part of me really wants to go, the timing is off and I do not see myself attending. I do, however, look forward to seeing a small group of my friends when I return home for the winter holidays. There are a few people I would really like to see.

This week, thanks to the amazing powers of Google Voice, I had the opportunity to speak with four of my former colleagues. I don’t think I realized how good it feels to hear people’s voices until tonight. Just hearing my friends scream, “HEEEEEYY!” when I announce myself brings a gigantic smile to my face, and I love catching up on the daily drama, whether roommate related, family related or work related. Let’s be honest, there is always a bit of drama. It is great to hear that people suffering from family issues and health issues are doing much better today than they were a couple months ago. It is great to hear that home renovations and career moves are all happening for the positive.

Hearing my former colleagues talk a little about work makes me miss working with them. I had a great job with the best team and I had the opportunity to work with a great company. Being retired is great, but there are a lot of things I miss about working, mainly interacting with a team.  I miss happy hours and coffee breaks. I miss working on projects and feeling like I am contributing to a successful business. Today I spent hours developing a résumé from scratch and perusing a job site. I am excited to apply for a few positions and look forward to new opportunities.  

In a way, it seems as though I am starting over. For the first time since college, I have no job and no local experience. Unlike my inaugural job search, I have a ton of experience under my belt and feel confident that I can apply for almost any job in my genre. I may even have the guts to apply for a position that I feel may be slightly above my expertise just to see what happens. I have the option to apply for jobs in my previous industries of aviation and real estate, or I could try something completely new – I am a quick learner. Until I am presented with an offer, the island is my little world of opportunity and I look forward to exploring everything available.

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