03 April 2011


Our friend Nate told us before we left that he thought he was making a big move when he relocated to Denver from Columbus. He pretty much thinks we're nuts for moving across the world. The first two days have been great, and Paul and I have had the opportunity to experience quite a few emotions since we landed 50 hours ago. 

We started to play a "spot the white people" game. For some reason, we thought we might be two of the only outsiders. On our first day, we had to walk quite a ways to catch a cab to get some food and I swore that everyone was staring at us because we were white and didn't belong. I got over that pretty quickly when I noticed that people really weren't staring at us at all. Then, as we walked around in the more populated areas, we started to see one or two people who looked more like us. Yesterday, we saw a ton. We scored a lot of points.

Moving across the world as quickly as we did made us think about some things a little differently once we were here. I call these our OMG moments:

  • OMG Singapore looks just like Florida. Maybe we should have gone there instead.
  • OMG we're in a foreign country. What did we just do?
  • OMG I am so going to need to get a job. I can't sit around here all day. What am I going to do? (That was within five minutes of us walking into our temporary housing.)
  • OMG what is with the light switches? Light switches are not in the same room as the lights and the switches are backwards. Down is on and up is off. 
  • OMG we don't know which way to walk. People drive on the left side of the road, so are we supposed to walk on the left side of the sidewalk? (We still haven't figured this out.)
  • OMG the weather report says it's supposed to rain all day. What are we going to do? We don't have umbrellas and I haven't bought a pair of super cute galoshes yet. Paul: Well, our ability to go outside is directly related to our ability to survive. We don't have food so, if we don't leave, we'll starve.Me: Oh yeah. I suppose I should go shower then.
  • OMG we found the white people - they're all at Ikea!
  • OMG it's not the heat that's going to kill me, it's the humidity. (Paul's advice - we should just get used to sweating.)
  • OMG my legs are stiff and my feet hurt from all the walking. I am not sure if they hurt from walking or from walking in flats. I'm betting on the latter.
  • OMG chubby Asians! I didn't think there was such a thing. We found them in all of the food courts. Interestingly enough, an article in this morning's paper states that one in 10 Singaporeans is obese. Who knew?
  • OMG western food is expensive. Cereal is between S$7 and S$12 for the small boxes, not the gigantic Cheerios box that is bigger than all the others.
  • OMG we finally laid in bed until 7 a.m.! We may not have slept the entire night, but we laid in bed until 7 a.m.!
  • OMG we just paid more than S$5 for a half gallon of milk last night and it's already half gone. 
Thank goodness today is a day of rest. 


Van said...

Dude, there's like a quadrillion of us. Of course there are chubby Asians.

Anonymous said...

I'm Asian and chubby! LOL
I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and had a great fun reading your thoughts about living in Singapore. Keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG. I could have written this! We just moved to Singapore from the US in October and your blog cracks me up. I can relate on so many levels here. Too funny! : )