30 April 2011


I know that the Royal Wedding has been a major discussion item since before the engagement was announced, so why can't I give my five cents? I grew up like many girls in Britain and America pretending to be a princess, wishing I would grow up to be a princess, reading all of the books and watching all of the Disney movies that showed how "common" girls, housekeepers and girls often overlooked and certainly not in the royal caste won the heart of the prince. So I obviously thought that I had a chance at meeting Prince William and getting to be the next Princess of Wales or whatever. Luckily, I came to my senses when I was a bit older and decided to move on to some people who were more attainable. After a while I lost my little crush on the Prince and now just see him as a mildly attractive guy who is balding at a young age, and I fear he will continue to look more like his father as he ages.

I do not know much about Lady Catherine the Duchess (Catherine with a C but Kate with a K...confusing...), but I do envy her style. She is certainly one to watch in my book. I like that she is bringing back hats for everyday occasions, not just the Kentucky Derby, but some of the hats seen today worn by the wedding guests were appalling.

The parties and individual celebrations spanned the globe. People in the U.K. practically slept on the streets and wore British flags and tiaras, people in the U.S. awoke embarrassingly early and held tea parties. Here in Singapore, a former British colony with a ton of British expats, there were celebrations all week. The wedding occurred at 6 p.m. local for me, so I recorded the CNN broadcast and watched portions before, during and after the ceremony. Admittedly, I bought a bottle of champagne (which translates to sparkling white wine because the cheapest champagne bottle was S$92) and drank several glasses in a plastic flute since my Tiffany & Co. flutes are on a boat (stupid boat couldn't have been two days earlier). I bought two mini layered cakes from a local bakery, one strawberry shortcake with whipped icing and one chocolate cake, and I ate both of them while drinking my champagne during the processional and ceremony. I have to say, the strawberry shortcake paired very well.

According to CNN hosts and an article I read today, more than a million people were reported to be on site to watch the events unfold. With more than 30,000 Twitter tweets daily over the last 30 days, U.S. social media chatter more than tripled that of the U.K.'s chatter and more people turned in to watch the wedding than this year's Super Bowl. During the ceremony, those on Twitter tweeted 300 posts per second. People on nearly every continent tuned in to watch the ceremony live.

Because of all the hype and the coverage of the pre-ceremony time, I was expecting much more of the ceremony itself. In my opinion and my friend, Katie's, our weddings were better than this one.

Here is a list of some of my thoughts while watching:

  • Who was selected to hang the cameras from the Abbey ceiling to obtain all of those aerial shots? Holy high up there!
  • Royals riding in charter buses? Really?
  • If I were Prince Harry's girlfriend, Chelsy, I would have asked for a better seat and a later arrival time. 
  • Whoa hats. Some were great, but others were just crazy. I find it odd that many of the decorations are on the inside of the hat while the outside is plain - they're backwards. 
  • Those women have to know that no one behind them will be able to see anything with those monstrosities. And Posh, that thing isn't even attached to your head. 
  • How much would it suck to be one of the 1,900 people invited to attend the wedding and sit in a seat where you could not see anything for the majority of the ceremony? At least the people who slept on the lawn got to watch on a giant TV screen. 
  • Kate's sister, Pippa, looks absolutely gorgeous!
  • If the queen decides to wear yellow, is that color outlawed for everyone else in attendance?
  • Wow that is a long aisle. Kate is a brave girl. That has to be the longest walk of her life. (That was a seven-minute walk btw.)
  • What was up with that lady bending down and touching Kate's dress?
  • I would not be OK if my husband refused to wear a wedding ring, I don't care who he is. 
  • I can't believe that Kate didn't seem to cry at any point. Most brides at least appear to almost cry. I was a blubbering idiot. 
  • CNN reported that Kate was supposed to put her bouquet on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Did she forget?
The wedding was nice - a bit over packed, but nice. I was expecting some type of royal items to be included in the ceremony. I thought the Queen would participate. I thought there would be a naming portion to announce the titles. I thought someone would announce them with their titles at the conclusion of the ceremony. Instead, it was a typical wedding with royals attending. I think the pre-wedding processional was more exciting than the ceremony itself. The CNN reporters said, "And that's it," 12 minutes after Kate arrived at the alter - 12 minutes. And then there was singing.

All in all, I am glad I watched. I know that if I have a daughter some day, she will ask about this wedding and what I was doing. So I will tell her I drank champagne and ate cake in honor of the royal occasion. And I liked it.

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